Portrait of The Rain Dweller by Sarah Noele

Traditional art with mindful messages

Hello, I am The Rain Dweller. I am an apprentice tattooer, traditional mixed-media artist, screenprinter, graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker located in Connecticut, USA.

My sun-sign on the zodiac calendar is Cancer, so I naturally consider family in the highest regard. I am married to the love of my life, Sarah, who is a truly ineffable partner. She always pushes me to be my best and supports me in all that I do. She is a gifted photographer, and alongside her, I provide photography and videography for our intimate and aligned wedding clients. Our dream is to own a small farm and homestead in rural Connecticut where we will raise our family. Our first child, a boy, is due in October 2022.

I am a veteran of the United States Army and due to the experiences I had within my time in service, I became a big advocate for mental health. I do work for this cause through my peer-support community, Resilience. This project supports mental + emotional health by connecting individuals, who are committed to making a change in their life, to a community of peer-support, education and experiences that utilize holistic tools.

I am a creator and I have loved art my whole life. When I was a boy, I would draw hand-made comic books filled with my own characters and stories. Today, my art still reflects this love of cartoons and comic books. I use bold lines and bright colors. My style is also influenced by American and Japanese traditional tattoos. I have a vast interest in ancient history, culture and folklore which heavily impacts my art. I infuse my love of mindfulness into my work and try to create imagery that has spiritual significance.

I am utlizing this website to showcase my portfolio of work, as well as sell finished pieces to those who appreciate them. I am not currently available to tattoo yet, as I am still an apprentice. Please sign up for my email list if you wish to be notified when I begin taking tattoo clients.